Why Meet With Your Photographer

Here's three quick reasons why meeting with me will help ensure you have a fantastic wedding day.

  1. Your wedding photographer is likely to be around you on your wedding day as much as your bridal party is. So their ability to make you feel comfortable, confident and happy has a huge impact on your feelings during the day. Meet me to decide whether we get along (I'm 100% confident we will, but that's just because I'm really nice).
  2. Everyone has different expectations of their wedding photographer. Let me understand exactly what you're looking for so you can receive a service that suits your day and expectations.
  3. Get free ideas about your big day. I'm one of the lucky wedding photographers to still be in love with weddings! I've been to more than I can count and have a huge range of stories about what has worked well and not so well. Feel free to pick my brain.

I'm based just over the bridge in Northcote Auckland and generally meet clients on a weeknight between 6 and 8.30pm for half an hour. The wedding consultation is free and I'd love to meet you. Click here to make contact and request a consultation booking.

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