How To Prepare For An Engagement Photo Shoot

So jumping in front of a professional wedding photographer with your fiance isn't exactly something you do every day. You're probably a little nervous and unsure of what to expect. So here's some quick tips along with an overview of the experience...

  1. Most people feel camera shy to start off. That's not a problem. My clients tell me I have a great talent in making you feel comfortable and confident. I can guarantee you'll forget about your shyness nice and quickly.
  2. Your best photos will come at least half way in. It's like any new thing you learn, you get better as you go. So just focus on laughing, kissing and having fun. The images will come.
  3. I'll give you plenty of direction. I don't expect you to come up with all sorts of creative ideas. I love that part of the job and will give you regular gentle instruction, that'll often make you laugh.
  4. Think about any props you'd specifically like. Things you enjoy together, symbols of your relationship. They can be as quirky or cute as you wish and help to personalise your images.
  5. Consider a theme for your wedding invites if you'd like to use a photo or two for your wedding invitations (which is quite common and a great personal touch).
  6. Bring at least a couple of outfits, one smart and one casual. Avoid labels (logos) on your clothes and try to keep to neutral colours (no highlighter orange shirts boys).
  7. Feel free to suggest a central Auckland location that's special to you both. Consider what you'd like to do if it rains. Some locations are beautiful with a little rain, others are worth postponing.

    Above all, come along to enjoy yourself. We'll have a great time and you'll receive incredible images to cherish forever. I can guarantee, as much as you might be nervous, you will have a great time. Click on Engagement Photography to view some of my work.